Mission Statement

At Franklin Strength, our goal is STRENGTH. Mental strength, physical strength and inner strength. We welcome every individual, athlete, weekend warrior, and lost soul that is willing to put everything on the line, leave it on the field, be broken down not only physically but mentally, and be built back stronger than ever imagined. This is REAL. It gets harder before it gets easier, but in the eyes of the people that leave it on our field, the juice is worth the squeeze. welcome to the REAL Franklin strength.


Training Philosophy

The difference between training and exercising is progression.  To progress, we have to train.  At Franklin Strength, we think of fitness as a life long journey.  No matter what the goal is, we plan to achieve it.  We understand muscle isn't built with a single repetition. It's the thousands of reps that make the muscle continue to overcome adaptation.  

For every individual, life can throw us a variety of obstacles and challenges to combat. This is why we believe training programs should be tailored to the individual.  No matter what anyone is doing at franklin strength, we account for the individuals training and health history. Some people can't bench, squat, deadlift, or run.  That's ok. we choose exercises that each member can properly perform to help them to effectively attain their specific goals. 

Training is not a one size fits all.  Each person is different, and what works well for one may not be optimal for the next.  our training philosophy is modeled around the individual needs of each client.  

Welcome to Franklin Strength.